Who We Serve

As a private, non-profit agency, Central Kentucky Community Action Council, Inc. is proud to serve an eight-county region comprising a combined population of nearly 275,000 residents. We also provide limited services in three additional Kentucky counties. Through a variety of programs and services, our efforts are impacting the lives of those located in Breckinridge, Bullitt, Franklin, Grayson, Hardin, Larue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, Shelby and Washington counties.
Our Locations

Mission Statement

To be innovative, enthusiastic and diligent in our search and advocacy for programs that will
advance social and economic change and growth for the low-income citizens we serve.

Our Team

Administrative Staff
Program Directors

  • Hal B. Goode

    Hal B. Goode

    Executive Director
  • Jami Sandusky

    Jami Sandusky

    Finance Director
  • Jessica Miles

    Jessica Miles

  • Kerri Taylor

    Kerri Taylor

    Human Resources Manager
  • Gretta Allen

    Gretta Allen

    A/P - Head Start Specialist
  • Jane Claire Hupman

    Jane Claire Hupman

    Family Day Care & Unaffiliated Centers
  • Barbara Garrett

    Barbara Garrett

    Payroll Coordinator
  • Kathy Isaacs

    Kathy Isaacs

    Finance Assistant
  • Amanda Wheatley

    Amanda Wheatley

    Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Ellen Leake

    Ellen Leake

    Community Services
  • Tammy Stanley

    Tammy Stanley

    Head Start
  • Ronda Bertrand

    Ronda Bertrand

    Community Collaboration for Children
  • Lisa Browning

    Lisa Browning

    Senior Companion
  • David Lindsey

    David Lindsey

  • Dianne Mattingly

    Dianne Mattingly

  • Tancy Morris

    Tancy Morris

    Congregate Meals
  • Melissa Bland

    Melissa Bland

  • Christina Sanders

    Christina Sanders

    Public Relations Manager
  • Tommy Wheatley

    Tommy Wheatley

    Ky Works
  • Mary Jane Tungate

    Mary Jane Tungate

    Human Resources Manager

Join The Team

Board of Directors


Judge Maurice Lucas, Breckinridge County
Judge Kevin Henderson, Grayson County
Judge Harry Berry, Hardin County
Judge Blake Durrett, Larue County
Judge David Daugherty, Marion County  *Board Chair
Judge Leslie Stith, Meade County
Judge Dean Watts, Nelson County
Judge Tim Graves, Washington County
Robin Brown, Meade County
Gordon Thomas, Larue County
Brenda Thompson, Hardin County
Diane Weaver, Breckinridge County
Sam Clements, Washington County
Connie Mattingly, Marion County


Nancy Addington, Hardin County
Andrew Adkins, Breckinridge County *Vice-Chairperson
Millie Cambron, Head Start Specialist 
Christy Carpenter,
Washington County *Treasurer
Mayor Ronnie Joyner
, Meade County
Sister Barbara Lammers, Nelson County *Secretary
John G. Mattingly, Marion County


Tara Wash, Head Start Policy Council


Joseph Stewart, Attorney-At-Hand
Thomas Mahoney, Accounting & Finance

The Head Start program is where my educational journey began. I’m so grateful for the teachers who poured love and learning into me during that time.

James Wesley Keene