Nutritional Resources

Living with food insecurity is a reality many Kentuckians face every day. Nationally, more than 41 million Americans cannot consistently afford adequate food for their household. Furthermore, one in six children go hungry at some point during the year across the country. Central Kentucky Community Action provides a variety of resources and programs to ensure low-income residents in our region don’t have to choose between feeding their family and paying their rent. Below is an overview of the many ways we can help.

Food Resources

Thanks to funding through the Community Services Block Grant, we’re able to provide a variety of services and support to those living with food insecurity. Resources are available at our many Food Bank locations throughout the region. Additionally, funds are used to provide backpack-filled snacks to children on weekends, offset costs for planting household and community gardens, provide meals specifically for seniors, as well as other vital programs to serve low-income Kentuckians.

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Congregate Meal Programs

Through our Congregate Meals Program, we are focused on providing hot, nutritious meals to senior citizens throughout the Lincoln Trail District and Meade County. This past fiscal year, more than 44,000 meals were served to 621 participants. At each of our 11 Senior Centers, participants can not only sit down for a meal, but also engage in nutrition education classes, exercise activities and interact with their peers.

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Senior Center Without Walls

Through this pilot project, qualified senior citizens may receive meal vouchers to a local restaurant. Vouchers are distributed on the last Friday of each month to seniors age 60 and older in Meade County only. Vouchers can be redeemed for qualifying meals offering a low sodium, low cholesterol, diabetic and heart healthy diet.

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Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

Through our sponsorship of 34 family care homes and 14 unaffiliated childcare centers located throughout 18 counties, Central Kentucky Community Action is able to impact the health and wellbeing of hundreds of preschool-age children every year. By incorporating more nutritious food into meal and snack menus, our sponsored childcare resources are working hard to eliminate sugary snacks and overly processed foods, creating a solid foundation for long-term healthy living.

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