A Focus on Child Nutrition

Article By:  Shirley Buckman, FCCH/ Unaffiliated Center Director

Newsletter   |   Mar 19, 2019

The Family Child Care and Unaffiliated Centers Programs have seen such growth in the past few months! It has been a whirlwind of signing them up and submitting the paperwork to the Child and Adult Care Food Program. There are 18 counties with homes and centers participating under the sponsorship of Central Kentucky Community Action.

The agency now serves as a sponsor for 21 centers, meaning nearly 900 children are being served meals and snacks with better nutrition as a focus. Staff at the centers are trained to plan menus with the children’s nutrition needs in mind. Less processed foods are being served and children are introduced to more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Although the Family Child Care Homes has steadily declined all over the state during the past few years, the homes sponsored by the agency have shown a determination to improve the nutrition and the overall quality of care. There are around 300 children impacted by the participation in the program.

It is a blessing for centers and homes to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. They are able to provide better nutrition for the children with the reimbursement. The children benefit so much being introduced to good nutrition at an early age. Parents can be assured children are getting better nutrition. They realize the importance of this because the bulk of a child’s daily nutrition is being served at the child care program. It is a win-win situation for all!