Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet

Article By:  Amanda Hodgens

Newsletter   |   Aug 07, 2019

The Corporation for National and Community Service has awarded the Senior Companion Program (SCP) $220,529. SCP is so pleased to be able to continue providing such a valuable service for another year.  We will be operating in the second year of a three-year grant cycle.  Our financial and progress reports were due by July 30 in e-grants.

A special thanks to our county governments for their sincere generosity in supporting SCP.  Breckinridge County contributed $2,500, Hardin County contributed $500, Marion County contributed $5,000, Nelson County Contributed $1,500, and Washington County contributed $5,400 in in-kind by donating office space, as well as an additional $500 in cash.  We appreciate all their help and certainly couldn’t do it without them.

SCP held its annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet on Thursday, June 6 at My Old Kentucky Home State Park. It was definitely a success and all of the volunteers were so appreciative for all their awards and tokens of appreciation. We truly appreciate everyone that contributed in helping to make this day so special.  The SCP is so blessed to have the volunteers that we do to make our program the best it can be.

In closing out the fiscal year, the Senior Companion Program provided over 46,000 hours of in-home services to clients across a six-county service area.  Just over 100 clients were provided services by 44 SCP volunteers.  We are so happy to report these numbers, as we spent all of our federal dollars allocated for stipends.