Are you ready to join RSVP?

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Newsletter   |   Feb 16, 2022

Melissa Bland, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program Director

 In case you didn’t know, RSVP stands for Retired & Senior Volunteer Program.

The only requirements to join RSVP are that you must be 55 and older and be willing to volunteer in Hardin or Nelson County. (You do not have to live in Hardin or Nelson County.) 

RSVP volunteers can request monthly mileage reimbursement to and from their work station and any miles they put on their private vehicle for the work station. The current mileage rate is 40 cents per mile with a maximum of $50 per month.

Joining RSVP is a great way to get of the house, help others, make new friends, do good and feel good!

Reach out to RSVP Director, Melissa Bland at 270-737-1059 or if you have any questions or want more information.