Bingosize is a Hit

Article By:  Tancy Morris

Newsletter   |   Jun 12, 2019

Bingocize continues to be a big hit. Right now Nelson, Hardin, Breckinridge, Grayson, Washington and Marion all offer bingocize classes at the Senior Center. We will be training staff from Larue and Radcliff very soon. Bingocize strategically integrates exercise and health education into a fun game of bingo. 

We recently had three clients from our Lebanon Senior Center express to us that the center has changed their lives. They said it keeps them active and they enjoy having a nice place to go, as well as meeting and congregating with people. I love hearing stories like these – it is why we do what we do!

All Senior Centers continue to get excellent monitoring reports from the Health Departments and the dietitian. We are blessed to have such remarkable participants and staff. Between July 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, we served 519 unduplicated participants 26,166 meals.
We have also provided 1,497 Bingocize sessions to 171 unduplicated participants and 4,341 nutrition education sessions to 394 unduplicated participants.