Brenda’s Child Care Closes After 29 Years

Article By:  Shirley Buckman

Newsletter   |   Jun 13, 2019

It is always a sad occasion for one of the long-time Family Child Care Homes to close and move on with life, but it is exciting for Brenda Barrett to start her new life as Mrs. Rodney Robinson. She closed her center May 30, 2019 after 29 years on the program and will marry June 22, 2019. The children and families she served will miss her most.

Barrett began child care in 1990 and started with only 3 kids. In 1991 she became certified as a home child care provider through the Kentucky Department of Child and Family Services and increased to 6 children. She also became certified by Central Kentucky Community Action Council, Inc. (CKCAC) to help provide nutritious meals to the children that she was cared for.  She has enjoyed every minute of serving the parents and ensuring the children were getting the proper foods, throughout the years. Brenda’s Child Care is closed and the 500 or so children that have graced her door over the years will be one of the happiest memories that she will cherish forever.  She knows that each one of them will remember “Ninnie” and she hopes it brings a smile to their face. 

There are eighteen counties with sponsored Family Child Care Homes. These Homes serve from 3 to 12 children each day, providing care within a home setting. They work hard to provide good nutrition to the children they serve.

The agency travels to 12 different counties to sponsor the 23 Unaffiliated Centers. One center is non-profit and 22 centers are for-profit serving at least 25% low income children. Some of the centers serve 90% low income children. These children are given the bulk of the nutrition they need during the day with milk at every meal and fresh fruits and vegetables offered every day.