Build a Bed Reveal

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Newsletter   |   Jun 13, 2019

Regional Network: CKCAC’s Regional Network began a Build A Bed Program in Marion and Washington Counties. We have collaborated with the Marion County Area Technology Center and the woodoworking class agreed to build the beds. The Family Fellowship Prayer Center provided us with our first $1,000 donation to start the program. We also made connections with each of our lumber companies in both of counties; Parkview Home Center, Lebanon Lumber and Loretto Lumber. All three companies have made donations, deliveries and have made this project possible. We are so grateful for their commitment to this program.

We held a Build A Bed Reveal on May 30th at the Marion County Library. A bed was available for viewing and we were able to show appreciation to our partners and students. We have made 5 beds so far and are continuing the program as long as there is a need in our communities. We also want to recognize Flanagan’s Appliance Store, for providing us discounted mattresses and also the Loretto Mother House whose donation made it possible to purchase bedding.

In-Home Services: We deliver quality In-Home services to our families and provide professional coaching and support. Right now, we are aiding families in increasing positive parenting and discipline skills, obtaining housing, improving household cleanliness, increasing budgeting skills, financial management, building positive relationships with schools and most importantly providing a positive support for families. We are striving to connect families to available community resources and support that may be beneficial to the family.

We are currently serving 11 families and we have many more on our waiting list. Those on our waiting list have been offered a Family Planning Meeting.  The meetings are a resource used to bring the targeted family and appropriate community partners together in order to brainstorm and create an action plan that will best aid the family. The meetings have been a huge success and are beneficial to the families involved.