CCC Provides Many Opportunities for Community Members

Article By:  CCC Program Director Ronda Bertrand

Newsletter   |   Jun 15, 2021

During Child Abuse Awareness Month in April, CCC provided Awareness Bags to Family Resource Centers and Head Start Centers in all eight of the counties in which we provide services. CCC staff, with the help of community volunteers, also placed Pinwheels for Prevention in various locations around our communities to increase awareness of Child Abuse Prevention.

Also in April, CCC welcomed Diane Redmond as the new In-Home Worker. Diane is a retired educator with 31 years experience. She is looking forward to working with CCC families.

During April, May and June, CCC’s Build A Bed program was in full swing. The Nelson County Woodworking Area Technology class built beds for low-income families until the lumber prices doubled halting the class’s ability to continue with additional builds. Therefore, there is still a need in our communities for beds. If you have a twin-sized bed frame to donate, please contact Program Director Ronda Bertrand at 270-692-7553. You may also contact Ronda to refer a family for CCC services, which helps a family overcome barriers in order to provide a safer and more nurturing environment for children in their homes.

In May, Mike Lemon presented Cyber Safe Teen via Zoom, helping to fulfill CCC’s training requirements for the program. Also, the last Trail of Hope Regional meeting of 2020-2021 was held via zoom in May.

To further fulfill our educational training requirements, CCC has scheduled a webinar on June 16th from 9 to 4 PM EST. Charlie Applestein will present, via zoom, a training titled “No Such Thing As a Bad Kid!” This training focuses on understanding and responding to kids with emotional and behavioral challenges using a positive, trauma-Informed, strength-based approach. This presentation will focus on strength-building rather than flaw-fixing. The training begins with the belief that every kid has or can develop strengths and utilize past successes to mitigate problem behavior and enhance social and academic functioning. This uplifting, evocative and humorous presentation will highlight many of the key principles and techniques of this transforming approach. Please contact Ronda Bertrand to attend.

On September 15th, 2021, CCC will start meeting in person again at Nolin RECC in Elizabethtown, KY at 10 AM for the Trail of Hope Regional Meetings. Anyone interested in child abuse prevention activities and events is encouraged to attend.