CKCATS Begins Office Renovations

Article By:  Dianne Mattingly

Newsletter   |   Aug 07, 2019

The CKCATS office renovation began July 24, 2019.  The concrete floor is poured and the Isaac Tatum Construction Company is beginning to frame the walls. The entire project is expected to take about three months and will cost around $240,000.

CKCATS Transportation just finished an amazing year for FY 19. This is the most productive year to date. CKCATS has a carryover budget of $450,000-$475,000 for FY 20.  That is $125,000 more than last year.

The numbers for CKCATS Senior trips were 12,066 with 1,282 seniors served. Intercity trips totaled 2,214, Veteran trips were 1,635 and 70,000 Medicaid & General Public trips were logged. We traveled over 1,764,000 miles during the 2018/2019 FY. 

During FY 19, CKCATS received eight new buses, a new phone system, a new parking lot at the Central Office and a $250,000 renovation for the Central Office in Lebanon. The office renovation is currently under way and we hope it will be finished by late fall.

While FY19 was very successful, we look forward to the new FY 20. CKCATS is set to receive three new replacement low-floor mini vans and three expansion SUV’S in the amount of $214,497 in 5339 funding.  CKCATS will also receive 5339 funding for office furniture and 16 camera systems in the amount of $37,850. We will also receiving 5310 grant funds for three replacement vehicles in the amount of $146,385. 

CKCATS has scheduled our annual Training Day on Aug 10, 2019 at the Nelson County CATS Office. This is a mandatory training for all employees that includes Defensive Driving, Bloodborne Pathogen and Drug /Alcohol training.