CKCATS Central KY Community Action Transportation Services (CKCATS)

Article By:  Kerri Taylor, CKCATS Director

Newsletter   |   Nov 16, 2023

CKCATS is working diligently to complete the vast number of trips that are scheduled daily. The CKCATS team is working overtime to ensure that these trips are covered in a timely manner. Kudos to the staff for all their hard work and dedication!!

CKCATS Annual Training was held on August 19th. The annual training went well and this year, certificates were given along with gift cards to staff for awards. The staff picked their peers for an Engagement Award that was given to a driver in each county, a Rising Star award was given to 2 new employees, and a Driver of the Year award was picked by me. This was a nice way to show staff appreciation and engage all employees.

Several CKCATS employees attended the KPTA Conference in Lexington on August 22-24. Drivers Steven Spalding and Sandra Amador competed in the Roadeo, a driving course that tests the skills of the drivers in buses and completed a written exam. They both received a certificate for participation.

Melissa Tonge received the “Driver of the Year” award at the KPTA Conference. Melissa has been with CKCATS for nine years and displays an exceptional work ethic that sets a shining example for other drivers.

CKCATS received the “Most efficient award for lowest cost per mile”. CKCATS is proud to be able to provide services to its communities at an affordable rate!

CKCATS attended the first Senior Fair held in Washington County at the Washington County Extension Office on September 29th. There were many Seniors and Vendors in attendance. Judge Executive, Tim Graves attended and spoke at the event.

CKCATS has contracted with Acces2Care to provide Medicare trips in Marion, Washington, Nelson, Larue, Breckinridge, and Grayson counties. We completed our first Medicare trip on October 4th! Since then, things have been running smoothly with the transportation of Medicare clients. The CKCATS office does not sign-up clients for Medicare trips; we only provide the trips. All we were told is that most Wellcare, Aetna and Anthem Medicare coverage cover transportation. Anyone wanting to know more about their Medicare transportation coverage can call 1-833-833-9764.

CKCATS’ Compliance Review with the Office of Transportation Delivery was held in October. The on-site vehicle and facility inspection was completed on October 10th and the virtual admin review was completed on October 30th. We do not expect any findings from the Compliance Review. Thanks to everyone in the Central Office who helped gather information for the review.

And as always, CKCATS is actively seeking drivers in all counties. If you or anyone you know would like to join the staff at CKCATS please go to to apply. CKCATS is hiring full-time and part-time drivers in Marion, Larue, Hardin, Nelson, Breckinridge, Meade, and Grayson counties.