CKCATS Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

Article By:  Dianne Mattingly

Newsletter   |   May 01, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been devastating for many people in our community. It has also had a big impact on our CKCATS Transportation. Beginning March 23rd, trips were down 75-85%. Currently, CKCATS is still transporting dialysis patients and senior citizens. Active Day, Blessed Assurance and Communicare facilities have been closed until further notice.

CKCATS recently moved into a newly renovated central office. The first floor has five offices and two ADA compliant restrooms. The old office space has been renovated and has four offices and a driver break room. The second floor has a conference and one large office space. The renovation was made possible by the 5339 grant from the Office of Transportation Delivery.

CKCATS received two new 12×2 buses in March. These buses were made possible by the 5310 grant. CKCATS is also going to receive three new SUVs. These new vehicles will provide needed transportation services, especially during the winter months. All five counties will now have an SUV.