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Newsletter   |   Aug 17, 2021

CKCATS is back up and running 90% trip capacity for the month of July 2021. This is very encouraging that we had such a rapid recovery from Covid-19 for clients requesting transportation.
August 2021 Covid cases seem to be sky rocketing and we already had news that the Senior Centers closed their doors once again on August 9th. We will still be transporting clients for the drive thru meals.
Hal Goode spoke with Sue Greenwell at LTADD about adding an additional medical trip each week to our 5 county area. The Seniors can book 2 medical trips per week, along with the daily Senior Center trips once per week.
CKCATS newest bus for Marion County is CK-127. It features a wrap with the Community Action logo and advertises our agency’s positions that are available.
We are still waiting on 3 SUV’s that were supposed to be delivered in February but was put on hold due to a chip malfunction at the automakers. That may also cause a hold in 5 other buses that have been ordered after we received funding from the 5339 grant, along with 4 additional buses that were funded by the 5311 CARES funding.