Community Action Transportation Services (CATS)

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Newsletter   |   Feb 14, 2023

Kerri Taylor, Transportation Director

February 2023 Newsletter

I am happy again to report that CKCATS trip capacity continues to increase! We are still able to provide all of our services, despite the shortage of staff. Our Drivers in all counties work and communicate together to help one another with completing trips.

Our FY23 Compliance Reviews with the Office of Transportation and Lincoln Trail Area Development District both came back without any findings. Thanks to all those who helped in pulling information together for these reviews!

There is still a shortage of the transit and buses that CKCATS uses for transporting, but we did receive word that CKCATS would be eligible to receive four of the five 12×2 vehicles that we requested from the FY23 grant applications. According to OTD, there were fifty 12×2 vehicles available and they were able to divvy out the vehicles appropriately to ensure that each Agency would receive a portion of the available vehicles. We are expecting these vehicles to arrive within the next few months.

We now have 3 billboard signs promoting Intercity travel. 1 billboard is on the Marion/Washington county line and 2 are in Hardinsburg. We hope that this advertisement brings an increase of Intercity trips.

I attended the Kentucky Public Transit Authority (KPTA) Conference, along with several CKCATS employees and Executive Director, Hal Goode. This conference was held November 14-16 in Lexington, KY. This is an excellent conference to receive valuable information about public transportation and a great way to network.

CKCATS will be holding its annual Coordination Meeting on Feb. 15th at the Central Office in Lebanon at 1 pm EST. This meeting is held to discuss the transportation needs of our counties and is advertised to the public. We encourage anyone who is interested in public transportation to attend.

I am excited to announce the new staff positions that have been added to CKCATS! Tasha Hull is the new Grant & Compliance Manager. This is a new position to CKCATS. Tasha will be reviewing and completing grant applications each year, as well as researching new grants that may be available to CKCATS. She will also assist in Compliance Reviews for all programs as well as making sure CKCATS remains in compliance with all federal and state regulations. Edward Murray has also taken on a new position at CKCATS as the Maintenance Manager. Edward Murray will be responsible for the maintenance of the fleet as well as the maintenance of the facilities in all counties. Edward Murray comes to us with years of experience in vehicle and building maintenance as well as DOT inspection experience. With the increase in trips and the volume of daily calls to the current Fleet Manager, Daryl Hardin, I added another Fleet Manager to help manage the 5 counties. William Clements, along with Daryl Hardin, will be responsible for overseeing the drivers, handling scheduling and driver issues, reviewing and completing the mileage report, and reviewing driver manifest and timesheets. We welcome each of them to the team!

With that being said, CKCATS has a wonderful and dedicated group of staff! Thanks to the staff for working diligently to keep up with the increases of trips and for showing up to get the job done even in inclement weather!

If you or anyone you know would like to join the staff at CKCATS please go to to apply. CKCATS is hiring for full-time and part-time drivers in Marion, Larue, Nelson, Breckinridge and Grayson counties.

Kerri Taylor

Transportation Director