Article By:  Public Relations Manager Stephanie Talbert

Newsletter   |   Nov 17, 2020

Goodwill Industries Part 1

Lawncene Flowers began her employment at CKCAC as part of the Goodwill Senior Community Service & Employment Program (SCSEP). Goodwill SCSEP is a government funded program that’s able to pay Seniors to do community service at non-profit and government agencies in the county they live while also helping them look for jobs.  After working for the Goodwill organization in the Lebanon location for one year, Flowers transferred her job placement to CKCAC as a receptionist and is now working to assist the Family Child Care Homes and Unaffiliated Centers Food program.

Flowers began looking for assistance in getting job after living in California and working in the field of social work for many years. Flowers explained that her daughter wanted to raise her children in a less fast-paced, more peaceful community and when she decided to move to Kentucky – Flowers decided to follow. Flowers worked with the Kentucky Career Center to create a resume, cover letters, etc. when her journey to find employment began. She reported that she was looking for a part time job and when she heard about the SCSEP program, she decided to apply and participate.

Throughout her experience with SCSEP, Flowers reported that she has gained training from both Goodwill Industries and CKCAC in the areas of office etiquette, calculating monthly reports, completing monitoring forms, filing, and answering multiple phone lines. She reports that she also received extra practice with sending fax messages, copying, typing, etc. Flowers reports that having multiple job placements has allowed her to learn to get along with a variety of people all whom have different personality types. Almost all the training done through the SCSEP is on-the-job training provided by the placement agencies. Career Coach Kimberly Culliton referred to Flowers as a” model participant as well as a wonderful person in general.” Flowers reports that after 3 years in the SCSEP she is looking for long-term, permanent placement and when that is achieved, she will no longer participate in the SCSEP. Flowers indicated that the best part about her employment with CKCAC is the “ability to help others help themselves” and “giving back to the community.”

Flowers discussed the importance of staying healthy and active as a senior citizen. Flowers not only keeps her mind sharp by continuing to work each day, she has church to help with her emotional well being. When Flowers is not working, she reported that her spiritual life is very important to her. “I love my church,” she said. “I love helping people in need.” Flowers is also a high impact advanced aerobic instructor and spends 1 hour and 20 minutes each morning working out before coming to the CKCAC office to stay in good physical shape. In addition, Flowers reported eating a healthy vegan diet each day.

Flowers reports that participating in the SCSEP has been a good experience for her and she would “encourage other seniors to apply.” If you are a senior interested in applying for a job through Goodwill Industries, please visit or contact Kimberly Culliton, SCSEP Coordinator, at (270) 823-6193. Agencies looking to partner with SCSEP should also contact Culliton as she reports that “we have positions in 54 counties in Kentucky that are currently open” and she is “searching for agency partners that can provide community service assignments for our participants.