Community Services Update

Article By:  Ellen Leake

Newsletter   |   Jul 02, 2020

NEW PROGRAM YEAR 2020-2021 –The Work Plan and Budget has been approved and signed for the Community Services Block Grant in the amount of $665,451. The program priority is EMPLOYMENT. This was determined by the most recent Community Needs Assessment.

CLOSING PROGRAM YEAR 2019-2020 – The CSBG Staff has been busy closing out one Program Year and beginning a new one.  Staff members have worked diligently to enter all services that had been provided into the computer.  We followed up on many clients so that we could also report the outcome of our efforts through ROMA. 

COMMUNITY GARDENS – 165 individual gardens and 1 community garden are planted and flourishing with the recent rains.


Summer Cooling and Summer Cooling Crisis have started. July 1st-Oct 31st or until funds are expended. “SUBSIDY” ELIGIBILITY *Subsidy is a One Time Benefit per season  “CRISIS” Received a Disconnect notice from utility service provider, or • Received a current bill with a past due amount, or • Received an eviction notice if utilities are included in the rent, or • Are within 10 days of running out of pre-paid electric service.