Article By:  SCP Program Director Amanda Hodgens

Newsletter   |   Feb 12, 2021

The Senior Companion Program recruits senior volunteers to provide in-home services to the frail, elderly population to help them remain living independently in their own homes. Listed below are the eligibility requirements for volunteers and clients. 

VOLUNTEER ELIGIBILITY: Be 55 years of age or older. Be capable of understanding and working with a recipient with exceptional or special needs. Must meet the CNCS income eligibility guidelines.  Be able to serve 5-40 hours per week or (260-2080 hours annually) determined by a physical examination and a TB assessment.  Be willing to accept professional supervision. Be able to pass all background checks, including NSOPW, Court Net, and FBI fingerprint checks.   

 SELECTION OF RECIPIENT TO BE SERVED:  Volunteer staff, in conjunction with the SCP staff, shall be responsible for the selection of the individual recipient to be served by each Senior Companion. A Senior Companion is assigned to a recipient who has one or more physical, emotional or mental health limitations and is in need of assistance to achieve and maintain their highest level of independent living.
The development of a close personal relationship with the Senior Companion is encouraged, appropriate, and can have a significant effect in improving the recipient’s physical/mental health. The assignment will be of significant duration. Determination of the length of time each recipient should receive the services of a Senior Companion will be determined by the Volunteer Station. The assignment has a possibility of helping a recipient remain independent in their home. Senior Companions are assigned to recipients with special needs and not everyone is suitable for each type of assignment. Every effort will be made to find an assignment that is both comfortable and rewarding for each party.

Please contact Amanda Hodgens at 270-734-3604 for more information.