Congregate Meals Continues Serving Meals During Pandemic

Article By:  Tancy Morris

Newsletter   |   May 01, 2020

March started out the same as always, but little did we know what would lie ahead. On March 16th, all senior citizen centers closed to incoming traffic. However, the Congregate Meals Program would still be serving meals via drive-thru service. The first day doing the drive-thru, we only served 95 meals agency wide. Everyone thought that the service would be shut down by the end of the week. After getting the word out about this free service, the numbers began to rise. By April 15th the program was serving around 500 meals agency wide.

During the first couple of weeks, the program was allowing each person to pick up two meals per day. However, the volume began getting too large for our little kitchens to handle. On Monday, April 20th we began limiting one meal per person, per day. This helped our kitchen staff tremendously and also allowed us to serve more people.

Congregate Meals has also provided 333 shelf table snack food boxes to our clients. There will be 400 more distributed this month. Each box provides five shelf stable meals. We have also been mailing vouchers to clients that can be used at Home Plate restaurant for curb-side pick-up.

Director, Tancy Morris, would like to thank everyone that has helped with the Congregate Meals Program over the last couple of weeks. Everyone has gone above and beyond for this program. It wouldn’t be possible without the amazing staff and volunteers.