Congregate Meals Program

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Newsletter   |   May 11, 2023

Tancy Morris, Congregate Meals Director

Congregate Meal Program Newsletter

May 2023

Our seniors are getting excited for Senior Celebration in Elizabethtown on May 25th. This is an event they look forward to every year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the event hasn’t taken place in a few years, so our participants are very excited that it is happening this year. 

Since January 1st we have served 28,835 meals to 595 unduplicated seniors. We are serving more people than ever due to the carryout/drive through option at all senior centers.

We are excited to bring Marian Frisby, registered dietician back to Meade County for a 30-minute nutrition education session before voucher distribution each month. She brings a lot of helpful information and the participants in Meade County will greatly benefit from her sessions.

January, we distributed 2,330 vouchers to 233 clients.

February, we distributed 2,930 vouchers to 292 clients.

March, we distributed 1,620 vouchers to 162 clients.

April, we distributed 1,170 vouchers to 117 clients.