CSBG Helps Low-Income Families Change Their Lives

Article By:  Ellen Leake

Newsletter   |   Oct 09, 2019

The CSBG Program continues its work from being an immediate emergency assistance provider to becoming a program that really helps low-income families change their lives. Although we continue to provide emergency assistance, we also assist with budgeting and developing strategies to avoid future emergencies. As we work with families to develop strategies to prevent future emergencies, we also provide tips such as, budget billing, paying your rent first, shopping at less expensive stores, and controlling impulsive spending. These tips are helpful and always well received.

Clients who are not working are encouraged to find employment. Our employment and education programs can assist with small barriers to gain full time employment or even better employment. How do we help? It can be partial assistance with a CNA or CDL class, proper clothing or shoes for a new job and even gas for transportation to work for a week.

The agency has been notified of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program allocations and spending has begun for Phase 36. The counties receiving funds are Breckinridge, Grayson, Larue, Marion, Meade and Washington, for a total of $40,663. This program provides funds to assist with rent, mortgage, utilities, shelter and food assistance.

The agency is also preparing for LIHEAP. The official dates for Subsidy are November 4th through December 13th. November 5th and November 27th are Staff Days, which means that the agency is not expected to take applications on that day. The office will be closed on Nov. 11th, 28th and 29th for LIHEAP and the Thanksgiving Holiday. Nov. 15th, Dec. 6th and 13th will be Open days. This means if you miss your scheduled day, you can come in on the open days.