CSBG Offices Will Remain Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Newsletter   |   Apr 01, 2020

The CSBG staff will be in the office working during the COVID-19 pandemic at this time. The offices are closed to the public but clients are able to call the office for instructions. Contact information and instructions are posted on the doors. This information has been placed on the agency website and Facebook page. Applications are being completed for LIHEAP and CSBG services by phone, mail and email.

LIHEAP CRISIS UPDATE – The program has been extended through April 30th. Staff members have processed 4,459 Crisis Applications for 2,833 families between January 6, 2020 and March 31, 2020, for a total of $891,050.56 in benefits. 

KENTUCKY UTILITIES HEATING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – The Community Services Staff has 117 active participants in the KU Heating Assistance Program.   Through this program, eligible Kentucky Utility customers will receive an $88 credit on their electric bill during the seven months of expected highest electricity usage.  The total value of this program equals $72,072 for these families.  To qualify for the program the family must: be a KU customer, and have made an application for LIHEAP Subsidy and keep bills current, not going into disconnect.

EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – Scholarship Packets have been delivered to the Principals and Counselors at each High School and Vocational School, and the Adult Learning Centers in our service area, informing them of this program.  Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarships that are paid directly to the college or technical school for tuition or books.

COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT – The Community Needs Assessment has been completed. The results will be used to establish the priorities for the CSBG Work Plan that will be included in the 2020-2021 CSBG Budget Proposal.  Thanks to everyone who completed the Needs Assessment Survey Form. 1508 surveys were completed.