Article By:  CSBG Program Director Ellen Leake

Newsletter   |   Jan 15, 2021

Normally this is the busiest time of year for the Community Services staff, however; this year has been exceptionally busy. We have just completed the Subsidy Component LIHEAP. We dispersed $657,144 for the Healthy At Home Program in just 10 days when the money ran out state-wide. We collaborated with other facilities and organizations in our communities for a successful Christmas Program. Our food Pantries have had numerous families come in for assistance. We also prepared the second quarter CSBG Service and ROMA reports. And, all of this happening amidst our offices being closed to the public during a nation-wide pandemic. Luckily, all programs proceeded smoothly, with only a few problems, thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff members.  

LIHEAP SUBSIDY In our eight county services area assisted 3300 families with home heating assistance of $606,200.00 This program began on October 12, 2020, and ran through December 20, 2020. LIHEAP Crisis began on January 4, 2021.
We, in the Central Office, continue to work to pay all of the vendors and balance the programs. 

We are in the process of completing the annual Needs Assessment Survey Process.  An email link has been sent to the Board of Directors for their input. If you are a Board Member for CKCAC, please complete our survey as a board member. This survey information will be entered into a database for accurate compilation. The results of the Needs Assessment Survey will determine the work plan for the next program year. The information will also be available to other programs and to the community. 

WINTERCARE – The Wintercare Program is available to families for utility assistance. These funds are donated by utility customers as they pay their utility bill, and sometimes matched by the utility company. This program is used for families who are over income for LIHEAP, but under 200% of the federal poverty level. These families are often the “working poor” that fall between the cracks in income level eligibility.

Emergency Food and Shelter Program Phase 37 and CARES monies are being spent in Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, Larue, Marion, Meade, Nelson and Washington counties. This money is available to families for utility and rent/mortgage assistance. Preparation for Phase 38 is taking place and is currently being advertised.

Thanks to all of the staff members who work so hard to balance all of these different programs and assist those in need. Their extraordinary efforts are greatly appreciated. We have a great team!