Employment Is Priority for CSBG

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Newsletter   |   Jul 16, 2021

NEW PROGRAM YEAR 2021-2022 The Work Plan and Budget has been approved and signed for Community Services Block Grant in the amount of $724,658.

The program priority is EMPLOYMENT. This was determined by the most recent Needs Assessment. CLOSING PROGRAM YEAR 2020-2021. The CSBG Staff has been busy closing out one Program Year and beginning a new one. Staff members have worked diligently to enter all services that had been provided into the computer. We followed up on many clients so that we could also report the outcome of our efforts through NPI’s and services report for regular CSBG and CARES. The CSBG Staff have assisted 14,701 Individuals 6,907 Households-unduplicated count. Approximately 18,522 applications for $4,096,404.50 in services.

SPRING SUBSIDY ended on June 30, 2021 with GARDENS 170 individual gardens are planted and flourishing with the recent rains .

YOUTH PROGRAMS – The Youth Programs carried out in the Counties have been exciting. We want to provide opportunities for children who may not have them otherwise. We were able to obtain a discounted family pass for one year with the Louisville Zoo and 56 families took advantage of the opportunity. 36 families received swim passes or lessons. Thanks to all of the staff for their hard work with the various programs operated by Community Services.