Family Child Care Homes/Unaffiliated Centers Food Program (FCCH/UC)

Article By:  Kathy Hagan, FCCH/UC Food Program Director

Newsletter   |   Dec 21, 2023

Central Kentucky Community Action Council (CKCAC) currently sponsors 21 Family Child Care Homes (FCCH) and 23 Unaffiliated Centers (UC) in 19 Kentucky counties which include: Anderson, Boyle, Casey, Fayette, Franklin, Hardin, Jessamine, LaRue, Lincoln, Meade, Mercer, Nelson, Pulaski, Russell, Scott, Taylor, Washington, Wayne, and Woodford. A former FCCH client is currently working towards reopening her home for child care, so we’re anticipating having 22 FCCH clients soon. As for our UC clients, Busy Bees in Hodgenville is scheduled to close its center as of December 22, 2023. The owner decided to sell the building and is not planning to move the daycare center. The current Director mentioned she may try to pursue her own child care center for the Hodgenville area, so we’re hoping to work with her on CACFP sponsorship in the coming year. Busy Bees Campbellsville will continue to be in operation. However, another center Director gave her 30-day sponsorship notice to try her hand at reporting directly with the state. Her last reporting month with us will be December, which is reported in January. We wished her the best and told her that our ‘door is open’ should she decide she’d prefer to be sponsored again in the future. Lastly, we’re currently working with a new center that is to open in Radcliff, KY. We’re in the preliminary stages of getting the sponsorship application to submit for state approval, but do not anticipate any issues. Our UC total will soon be 22. We anticipate getting more FCCH and UC clients in the new year and will update these numbers as they change.