Family Child Care Homes/Unaffiliated Centers Food Program (FCCH/UC)

Article By:  Kathy Hagan, FCCH/UC Food Program Director

Newsletter   |   Mar 26, 2024

National CACFP Week is March 10-16, 2024! CACFP week is a national education and information campaign in the third week of March sponsored annually by the National CACFP Sponsors Association. It’s designed to help get the word out about how the USDA’s Child & Adult Food Program works to combat hunger. Central Kentucky Community Action Council is a proud CACFP Sponsor of Family Child Care Homes (FCCH) and Unaffiliated Centers (UC) throughout 19 Kentucky counties. We currently sponsor 22 FCCH and are in the process of getting state approval for a newly opened Family Child Care Home in Woodford County, which will make 23. One of CKCAC’s sponsored centers closed in Hodgenville this past December, and another one decided to begin filing independently as of the January 2024 reporting. We have since picked up two additional centers in their place. One is a new center in Hardin County and the other is a center under new ownership and a new name in Franklin County. This brings our UC sponsorship total to 23. We are also in the process of getting application approval with the state to sponsor a new UC opening in Lincoln County and another center located in Mercer County. This will bring UC sponsorship to 25 once they’re approved.
Please join us as we participate with the National CACFP Sponsors Association in getting the word out about CACFP especially during National CACFP Week March 10-16, 2024! If you know of a Family Child Care Home and/or Day Care Center who is not currently participating in the food program and would like more information, please have them contact CKCAC’s FCCH/UC Director Kathy Hagan at 270-692-2136 Ext. 501.
C = Community
The CACFP community works to ensure that all children have access to healthy foods. Share CACFP Week on social media and out in your community.
A = Awareness
Together we can raise awareness of how the CACFP works to combat hunger. Learn what you can do to promote the CACFP and advocate with a press release, a letter to congress, and a request for proclamation.
C = Children
Children receive healthy and nutritious meals through the CACFP. Educate children and parents about the CACFP with these fun activities and communication tools.
F = Food Program
The CACFP helps children learn healthy eating habits. Find out why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and learn some tips for getting kids to try new foods.
P = Participate
Hundreds of thousands of people participate in the CACFP administering the program or caring for children and adults. Show your appreciation to all of those who work with CACFP every day.