Family Child Care Homes/Unaffiliated Centers Food Program (FCCH/UNC)

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Newsletter   |   Mar 15, 2022

Jane Claire Hupman, FCCH/UNC Director

The Child and Adult Care Food Program is currently working with two Family Child-Care Homes and one Unaffiliated Center to get them enrolled in the program. The Family Child Care Homes are in Fayette County and the Unaffiliated Center is in Mercer County. This isn’t new territory for the program, but we are very excited to continue to grow. This brings the total for Family Child Care Homes to 24 and the total for Unaffiliated Centers to 25.

The program is still conducting monitoring via facetime, zoom and text. This requirement has been extended through the end of April. We are coming up on two years for which we have not been allowed to enter the centers. As a new sponsor for the program, this has made it very difficult for me to build relationships with my providers. We are working with the Kentucky Department of Education to figure out a way to have that personal interaction with the providers that is safe for both parties. I think I can speak for both parties when I say that we are more than ready to resume monitors in person and go back to normal.

If you are a Family Child Care Home or Unaffiliated Center that would like to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program please call the Director Jane Claire Hupman at 270-402-1977.