Family Child Care Prepares for Reopening

Article By:  Shirley Buckman

Newsletter   |   Jun 01, 2020

COVID-19 has made life for childcare providers extremely difficult. On March 20, 2020, the Governor closed almost all childcare facilities in Kentucky. The exceptions being those that remained open to serve emergency workers’ children only. Three providers under the agency’s sponsorship remained open with very limited capacity. Five providers prepared boxed meals for the children enrolled in their homes and centers. The agency was able to reimburse them for these boxes through the agency’s Child and Adult Care Food Program.

The childcare homes and centers are very apprehensive about the future. They are beginning to open under strict guidelines and had to go through additional mandatory training. A few of the programs have decided to close their doors. It will be a balancing act for those who choose to remain open.

Most of the homes and centers will fight to survive because of their passion and love for children. Since the agency is a sponsor for the Child and Adult Care Food Program, we will be a huge asset for every childcare home and center. The reimbursement for meals will help lower the cost of food.

The childcare homes and centers did receive good news from the Division of Child Care. The Division of Child Care was able to provide CARES funding for the programs. Providers were eligible to receive $255 per enrolled child and the full payment for children receiving subsidy. Also, grants have been made available to help providers meet the new guidelines for protecting the children from COVID-19.