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Newsletter   |   Jun 17, 2022

Hal Goode, Executive Director
JUNE 2022

Head Start and Early Head Start share a mission to promote school readiness of children from low-income families from prenatal to 5, by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Recently, myself, Jami Sandusky, Tammy Stanley and Bryan Conover (Head Start) attended the Region IV Head Start Association 2022 Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Ga. 

The Summit brought together hundreds of emerging and seasoned professionals, parents and partners form throughout the region and across the nation from noted Keynote speakers to robust learning sessions to engaging network opportunities. The Conference offered many ways to build while connecting with subject matter experts, colleagues, as well as sponsors and exhibitors. Our team found it a great way to return back to Kentucky with some fresh strategies and implementing progressive action plans for make a greater impact in the lives of enrolled children and their families.   More to come……………..much more……………..