Article By:  Executive Director Hal Goode

Newsletter   |   Nov 17, 2020

November 2020 After the year we have had, I wanted to take a moment to thank our board members.   These Board Members who volunteer their time and have distinguished themselves as judicious stewards of our organization, never flinching in the face of difficult decisions.   Thank you, Board Members, for your time and efforts.   The Board Members have all been integral to the important advances we have made this year.

I also wanted to thank two of those Central Kentucky Community Action Board Members we replaced recently.   We lost Meade County Judge Lynn on September 6 of this year.   I met Judge Lynn when I worked in Frankfort & his passion for job creation and helping his community goes without saying.  He was involved in and served on many Boards.  In addition to serving as the Judge Executive for Meade County since 2010, he was also the Kentucky State Representative for the 27th District from 2004 until 2006.  Our prayers are still with his wife, Nancye, and his family.  

Larue County Judge Tommy Turner has been the positive voice of not only Larue County & CKCAC, but for the Lincoln Trail Area since he was elected in 1985.   With his retirement, Central Kentucky Community Action wishes him the best and thanks him for tirelessly giving his time and resources to serving on the CKCAC Board of Directors.  By all measures, we have improved our services immensely on his watch.

In closing, we thank and welcome Larue County Judge Blake Durrett & Meade County Judge Les Stith, who were recently appointed to the CKCAC Board of Directors.   We look forward to working with you both. 

Thanks again to the entire Board for your service.  We appreciate your time.

More to come…………much more…………….