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Newsletter   |   Aug 15, 2022

Hal Goode, Executive Director

The below is from the Facebook page of Michaela Ballard Grundy of Lebanon.

It takes a village to raise a child. In our case, it took a village to save our child. These men and women each played a vital role in saving our daughter’s life. Monday morning, while on our way to daycare with my two children, our two year old, Miles, started to choke on a tic tac. I immediately stopped the car, took her from her car seat, and began basic choking first aid. Two women, Ellen B Leake and Judith Moffitt who work for Central Kentucky Community Action Council had already stopped to help and dialed 911 while several members of the community came to my aid. David Alan Mattingly was able to call Jay and stood by my side to help.

Within three minutes the Lebanon police, Marion County EMS and members of the fire department had reached the scene and taken over. It was EMS director, Brian Smith, who took Miles from me and was able to dislodge the tic tac and open her airway.

In three minutes my daughter’s life flashed before my eyes. In three minutes this community came together and saved my daughter’s life. In three minutes our lives changed forever.

We cannot express in words how grateful we are for our emergency responders. We know the outcome could have been different if not for the proactive members of our community.

We will spend every day thanking God for this community, our family, and our daughter.

It does take a community as we know at CKCAC. Thanks to Judith & Ellen for assisting at the scene to what is truly a miracle. More to come……………much more………..