Goode News – March 2019

Article By:  Hal B. Goode, Executive Director

Newsletter   |   Mar 19, 2019

The Big Reveal……What an awesome day with our Capital Partners at Spring View Hospital and the unveiling of our first CKCATS van wrap for Central Kentucky Community Action Council. Thanks to Greg Gribbins and the Marion County Chamber for organizing the event.

Funding for this wrap will be used for programs at Central Kentucky Community Action Council to continue our research into transportation of potential employees for available workforce in our region. Making transportation more readily available to these workers could go a long way with the community discussion focusing on workforce development & transportation.

The CKCATS van wraps are a way to show partnerships and with the March Goode News, I think we should just think fictionally if one of our CKCATS vans could have a conversation with us what would it say? First, it would tell you about the many seniors it takes to meals daily here in the Lincoln Trail Area where they have a nutritious meal as our menus are prepared by a registered dietitian. It would tell you about the veteran it takes to daily dialysis and how someone donated funds to help pay for the transportation due to financial distress the individual faces.

I bet it would comment about what a pleasure it was to have six Korean students from Lindsey Wilson College transported to Louisville International Airport though Intercity Program where anyone can take transportation to the airport or greyhound bus station for only $10 per person. Most importantly, it would tell you about our CKCATS team that strive every day to provide care to those who are in transport. CKCATS has logged 100,000 trips by our 74 transport vehicles, equaling 1.8 million miles logged for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

CKCAC will continue to address the needs of our service area. We are proud to serve the citizens of the Lincoln Trail Area with life changing programs and services. We will continue to strive to empower those seeking economic stability, while working to strengthen families and build better communities. Funding from projects with our Capital Campaign will do just that. If you would like to be a part, please contact me.

More to come, much more…….

Special thanks to Gary White and Channel 6 for covering the event. If you would like to view the unveiling of the CATS van, please click here