Goode News – OCTOBER 2022

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Newsletter   |   Oct 17, 2022

Hal Goode, Executive Director

Proud of our team. Wanted to shout out to CATS Driver Steven Spalding who recently with his church group went to Eastern Kentucky and helped with the cleanup. Steven pointed out the gentleman in Pink is the veteran of the group, Ike Peterson of Whitesburg who helped the group with the cleanup. Beside him is his wife Kaye. Steven said all of the crew are in the picture except Ilona Burdette who took the picture. The work consisted of the whole room being gutted, new subfloors, floor, drywall, and insulation. The group were able to salvage all the back except half of the main flooring, baseboards, and painting.
Thanks Steven and all those others working with CKCAC who took time, talents, and funding to assist our neighbors in Eastern Kentucky.  More to come…………..much more…….