Kentucky Works – Helping People, Help Themselves

Article By:  Tracy Dennison

Newsletter   |   Jan 09, 2020

Jennifer was referred to the Kentucky Works Program after she had hit, what she considers, her absolute rock bottom. She never imagined that she would find herself in this position and she knew that if she was going to keep custody of her 11-month, she would have to make some serious changes.

The first of those changes was forced upon Jennifer by the courts. She entered the local Saving Hope Program, which is a group living home for mothers who are at risk of losing their children. Jennifer then began the process of completing the KARE Program, which is a required drug program for nurses who have had their license suspended due to substance abuse. Jennifer was also participating in the Kentucky Works job training program at a local food pantry.

When Jennifer was cleared to return to work, she found it very difficult to find employment because of her past history. Then she found the Journey Pure Treatment Center, who specializes in helping people overcome substance abuse. The Journey Pure Treatment Director, Jerry Lucas, told the Kentucky Works Program Director, Tracy Dennison, that he had to hire her; he had to practice what he preached. He hired Jennifer through the Wage Subsidy Program, starting her out at $22.00 an hour. Six months later, she is making over $28.00 an hour and has full-time benefits.

Jennifer is extremely grateful for everything the Kentucky Works Program has helped her accomplish and she is continuing to mentor others, like herself, to help them overcome these difficult barriers.