Kentucky Works Makes Adjustments to Deal with COVID-19

Article By:  Tracy Dennison

Newsletter   |   Mar 30, 2020

Kentucky Works Program (KWP) Director, Tracy Dennison, has never seen anything like what we are experiencing with the COVID-19 Pandemic. With basically everything shut down, KWP has had to make major adjustments in how we deliver services to our clients. KWP quickly transferred phone lines and set up offices to be able to safely work from home.

All participants were contacted and explained as to how we would do our weekly tracking and what was going to continue to be expected of them. Although most no longer had a place to do the on-the-job training, some that were participating in our Senior Centers have continued to go in and help that program with drive-thru meals. Most of the others were granted good cause until the Governor lifts the stay-home-healthy order.

When things get back to normal the staff will quickly get each participant back to their training sites to continue with their training and placement.