KY Works Continues to Grow

Article By:  Tracy Dennison, Kentucky Works Director

Newsletter   |   Apr 08, 2019

We will start with the most exciting news— the Kentucky Works Program (KWP) has once again been offered a contract for the next fiscal year. CKCAC has had this contract since 2007, and has expanded services from the original eight CKCAC counties to currently providing services in a total of 17 counties, encompassing the state’s Salt River region.

Having the opportunity to serve in counties outside of the original eight has allowed CKCAC to forge partnerships with other agencies and organizations that have benefited not only KWP, but also the entire agency. We hope that these partnerships will open doors for other program opportunities.

Staff regularly attend Inter-Agency meetings in all eight counties to ensure that we can offer all available resources to our participants. In addition, the collaboration with the other agencies also helps to spread the word of the many different programs that CKCAC has to offer. Community Partnerships are the key to any programs success and has proven so valuable to the Kentucky Works Program.