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Newsletter   |   Nov 18, 2021

Dianne Mattingly

Transportation Director

As many of you know Dianne Mattingly will be retiring on 12/31/2021. Hal Goode has hired Kerri Taylor to be the new Director of Transportation beginning January 1, 2022. Kerri is currently in Human Resources and we congratulate Kerri on her new position. Transportation has a great team with 4 new drivers and one Verification Clerk in the Central Office. All counties are fully staffed and we welcome all new personnel to our team.
CKCATS is expecting three Dodge Durango SUVs in late November. We have waited over a year for delivery of these vehicles due to the chip problems manufacturers are having. We currently have 12 new vehicles that the State has awarded CKCATS. We are currently waiting on KPTA Bid #9 to be approved by the State before we can order. Vickie Bourne with the Department of Transportation has informed us that it may be 2024 before these buses are delivered.
The KPTA Conference was held November 1st through November 5th. Several CKCATS drivers and Operations Fleet Manager, Daryl Hardin help judge the KPTA Rodeo where drivers show off their skills against other drivers in the state. Breckinridge County, Lead Driver Shane Barr received 1st place in the wheelchair securement and 2nd place in the Rodeo. Nelson County Lead Driver, Melissa Tonge, Larue County driver, Mark Hatcher, and Grayson County driver, Scott Madison received a certificate for their driving skills in the Rodeo as well.
The Office of Transportation Delivery just conducted our Compliance Review on October 20th by phone interview with Carrie Elliston. Thanks to CKCATS, Office Manager, Shannon Miller for all her hard work to prepare the compliance review. On October 21st the vehicle inspections were held by Zoom in Larue County on 5 vehicles that OTD chooses. All 5 vehicles passed inspections. Our Lead Drivers and Operators Fleet Manager did a great job preparing the vehicles for inspection. CKCATS received a final letter stating that we are in full compliance in all areas of Federal and State regulations. We appreciate the dedication our team shows everyday.