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Newsletter   |   Aug 17, 2021

Director Tommy Wheatley with Kentucky Works/SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) & I recently attended the Lincoln Trail Annual Workforce Summit that was held as a virtual event. It was a great opportunity to hear from local community members, business owners, hiring managers, service provider educators and others that are interested in making our workforce stronger.
Why would Central Kentucky Community Action Council follow this? As we move out of COVID-19 it is as important now as ever to break any barrier for someone looking for an occupation. Of course, a candidate needs to have the necessary skills to excel in the position, but maybe it’s time to look more closely at your hiring policies to help broaden applicant potential so your pool becomes much bigger. Here is just one common barrier you might consider tackling to facilitate. One example. Transportation. If you can’t get to work, you can’t hold down a job. If you can’t get to an interview, you can’t get a job in the first place. It could be a lack of transportation from a remote location, getting to work is a major barrier for many otherwise employable professionals.  Here at CKCAC we have always suggested the option of our CATS Transportation for that ride to an occupation.  Just another resource to break a barrier.
Thanks to the Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board for being increasingly engaged in the business of collaboration, convening and partnership. More to come, much more……………..