Weatherization At Work For The Clients We Serve

Article By:  David Lindsey, Weatherization Program Director

Newsletter   |   Oct 11, 2023

The Weatherization Program has 63 clients on the waiting list for weatherization services as of September 30, 2023. The Weatherization Program provides weatherization services to our 8-county area with 6 jobs completed, 5 walkaways, 2 cancellations and 6 jobs in-progress. The Weatherization Program is working with staff and additional crew, and we are continuing to utilize contractors to perform HVAC and electrical work that we must perform during the dwellings receiving services. We look forward to the future of this new contract year for CKCAC’s Weatherization Program to progress and better serve our 8-county service area.

Our goal with weatherization is to continue to reduce energy waste and assure the health and safety of each client we serve through testing consisting of aliening air and thermal boundaries, pressure diagnostics, heating system diagnostics, indoor air quality, and base load energy consumption diagnostics.

Central Kentucky Community Action Council Weatherization Program is staffed with a highly trained supporting and technical staff consisting of Josh Mattingly, Dwelling Needs Evaluator EA/QCI Trainee and Crew Leader; Mike Burden, Retrofit Installer and Barbara Garrett, Weatherization Administrative Support Specialist. We would like to say a huge thank you to our Weatherization staff for their dedication to improving the quality of work and to ensure the health and safety of all the clients we serve.

Central Kentucky Community Action Council has leveraged funds from utilities to expand the reach of the Weatherization Assistance Program. This year we are leveraging funding from DOE, DOE BIL, LIHEAP, East Kentucky Power, Kentucky Utilities, and Louisville Gas& Electric.