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Uncategorized   |   Sep 14, 2021

Goode News – September 2021 

I recently spoke along with Frank Thompson, a Senior Citizen who attends the Senior Congregate meals in Bardstown, at the kick off for the Tri County United Way.   Frank spoke about the funds given that went toward the Senior Centers meals in Marion, Nelson and Washington County.

The Tri-County Kentucky United Way is an organization aimed at promoting teamwork among the Human and Health service agencies serving the people in Marion, Nelson and Washington Counties and providing a one stop donation method for those concerned with the health and welfare of their neighbors, friends and family living, working and visiting our counties.

Tri-County Kentucky fights for the Education, Financial Stability and Health of every person in every community in Marion, Nelson, and Washington Counties.  They bring people together to tackle tough issues and to develop sustainable solutions.  Through your support, local programs are currently addressing the needs of those that need it most.

The Tri County United Way support programs and discussions that provide the building blocks for a good quality of life and help to build stronger communities. The building blocks are:

Education: Offer a comprehensive approach to education that spans from cradle to career to help children and youth stay on track and succeed in school

Financial Stability: Assist and empower people to get on stable financial ground to help individuals and communities thrive and succeed

Health: Promote assistance to individuals suffering from issues such as substance abuse, physical and mental illness, aging, domestic violence, disability, or lack of health insurance.

We appreciate the many efforts of the Tri County United Way and the Executive Director Laura Sedlatschek.  Reach out and consider a donation today by emailing her at  

More to come, much more…………