Head Start Monthly Profile for February 2024

Monthly Profile February 2024 

ENROLLMENT    Head Start:  470 children  /Early Head Start:  24 children

PFCE   # of Parents Receiving Daily Text Messaging through Parent Powered, Formerly Known as Ready 4K

Parenting Curriculum: 555

ATTENDANCE      Head Start: 85%               Early Head Start: 87%

SAFETY  #of Incident Reports for January:  46                                  

SPECIAL EDUCATION    # of Children with an IEP or IFSP: 77

% of Funded Enrollment: 15%    


fall, 2023 Classroom Assessment                             

Scoring System Data:                                      

Social Emotional Domain: 6.16

Classroom Organization Domain: 5.67

Instructional Support Domain: 3.27

MENTAL HEALTH                                                

# of Staff Completing Webinar on Understanding Trauma in January: 5                  

# of Staff Completing Webinar on Building Resilient Schools and Homes in January: 6


Areas Monitored: Teaching Strategies

Gold Winter Checkpoints

February Policy Council Meeting: February 15, 2024 at 11:00 AM